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Third Coast Media is the definitive source for LifeCycle Marketing, providing the return on investment you require with the service you expect.

What is LifeCycle Marketing?

There are many steps a prospective customer takes to develop a long term relationship with your business. The primary stages in the purchase cycle; knowing how to grab your customer’s attention in a competitive marketplace, providing decision making content, educating and promoting brand value, cultivating a relationship, and capturing the sale. Ultimately, customer satisfaction leads to company loyalty, which in turn leads to referrals and more customers. When executed correctly an ongoing lifecycle develops that produces incremental value for your company.


What we do for our clients

We specialize in developing and executing custom promotional strategies for our clients. We want to understand your business and the challenges you face when acquiring and keeping customers. To develop an effective LifeCycle Marketing strategy, our approach typically includes the marketing, sales and technology groups within the company which facilitates the cross functional participation and collaboration needed for a successful campaign.


Contact us for more information, or call at 630-469-4068.