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LifeCycle Marketing is most effective when all stages of the customer journey are optimized around a common strategy that identifies the ideal customer and how they consume media, respond to marketing messages and want to communicate with their provider of choice.

Consulting engagements typically begin with a Full View LifeCycle Marketing Analysis designed to define current lifecycle marketing initiatives against industry benchmarks and the competitive landscape. The ultimate goal being to develop a lifecycle marketing strategy which brings new and existing initiatives together under a common plan with the intent of growing your business through recommending new marketing initiatives combined with getting better results from existing efforts.

Once completed, the analysis and strategy recommendations become the basis of the lifecycle marketing campaign launch. Depending on the client’s existing marketing agency relationships and expertise, Third Coast Media can manage the entire Lifecycle Marketing campaign implementation and optimization process or can launch the campaign through the client’s partner network.

Our LifeCycle Marketing consulting practice is focused on the following service areas:


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